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Cloaked Chatter – Bot that automatically posts links to tech news on /r/technology

One week ago I wrote a bot that automatically posts links to tech news on Reddit’s subreddit /r/technology. The bot is written in Python and is called Cloaked Chatter. The code is licensed under the FOSS license Mozilla Public License 2.0 and the source code is available on Github at:

As a back-end I use TechHeat which lists the most popular tech news in social media.

I only ran the bot for a few days, but it is fairly successful at grabbing and posting links. On the following screenshot from the other day you can see it snatching place 1, 9, 13, 14 and 20 of the most popular news in /r/technology:


The link “NASA trailer reaches crowdfunding goal, will be shown before ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’” got the following incredible stats:

3,418 points (55% like it), 16,825 up votes, 13,407 down votes

On this screenshot you can see it on place #2 on /r/all:


I don’t know if it ever reached #1, but my account was awarded with the trophy “Best link”:


The problem is that the my account KanemotoYokose seems to have been blocked since then. I can still login on it, but new posts won’t appear any longer under the ‘new’ tab in /r/technology for other people. Neither can other people see my account page, instead it says “page not found, the page you requested does not exist”.

I may have gotten my account blocked since I had one cronjob set to run the script once every hour, and one to run it once every second hour. So basically I were posting 36 links a day. I can see how this could be interpreted as a little spammy, but I never intended to write a spam bot. My goal was to write a bot that would post good links that people would upvote.

Anyway, the code is open source, it was a fun and educative experiment, and I got to write and learn some more Python.