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Root Your Samsung Galaxy Spica With LK2.08

Leshak 2.08Yesterday night I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 with the LK2.08 kernel from Leshak at the Samdroid forum. You can find the kernel on his forum. This kernel gives you root access to your Spica, changes the Recovery function and other stuff, you can see the full list of what the kernel includes in the opening post in the forum thread.

The only problem was that the guide in the thread, that described the steps to flash your phone, wasn’t very great. Only two steps that didn’t say much. But lucky me I found a much better guide about flashing LK2.08 to Spica on this website:

The procedure went fine for me and now I’m sitting here with a rooted Spica. :) I rooted my phone because I wanted to be able to get the extra functionality out of my phone. And I have always liked to hack and take stuff apart, even if this only was a simple flash procedure. I also had to root the phone to be able to change the default theme to a black one. I’m such a perfectionist with my black notification bar. :P

Here are two other guides that show you how to flash your Galaxy Spica (but to 2.1). I don’t really know if they are any good, but at least they give some tips and images:

I found another nice guide that shows you how to root your Spica with LK2.02: